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Battlehook is a high performance, military grade, multi-purpose sight designed and manufactured in the USA. This sight is innovatively designed with a 10° forward angle for one-handed slide racking for quick reaction shooting capabilities. The rear blades are equipped with 40 LPI low glare serrations which further enhance your visibility and accuracy in the field and at the range. Using the highest quality materials, the “Battlehook” is composed of 4140 high tensile steel, finished in scratch resistant Ionbond coating and attached with two robust set screws.

Henning Wallgren, Designer

Henning's Shop LLC 

Founded: 2006

Federal Firearms Licensed Manufacturer


Areas of expertise:  Firearms products

What the Pro's say

Be prepared for the unexpected

"The low sight line, wide rear notch and overhanging, target-style rear face seemed to us to practically lock the front dot out there at a maximum (snag-free) radius, and the lamps seems brighter than most..."

"Every part of the Battlehook™ looks military grade."

NRA American Warrior #16 & #15

"With the Battlehook™, I found clearing malfunctions one-handed almost thoughtless, and never once did an attempt to manipulate the slide via use of the rear sight require a second attempt.

The Battlehook™ allows me to easily shoot at the edge of my performance envelope - something I cannot say for other sights I have used."

SWAT Magazine, November 2013

"...overall this is an ingenious design very necessary for today's pistoleers from the special ops guys down to the normal CCW."

Agent M. Morton, US Coast Guard