An interview with Henning Wallgren at the 2013 Shot Show in Las Vegas.

“..the Battlehook is as fast or faster on target than any of the other big name sights.

..a quick look at the Battlehook and you can tell this is of solid framework.

…overall this is an ingenious design very necessary for today’s pistoleers from the special ops guys down to the normal CCW.”

Agent M. Morton,

US Coast Guard

Henning Group

The Makers of Battlehook Sights

An independent review of our Battlehook Night and Fiber Optic Sights by Mike Plouffe aka "Mr Guns 'n Gear".

I received the rear sight for my Glock 31 today, and installed it. All I can say is: "Wow!" This is hands down the best conventional sight picture I have experienced on a Glock to date.With the solid rear sight and my tritium front, acquisition is instant. Love these sights! I will being doing business with Henning Group again very soon, and recommending my fellow shooters do the same. Great product, and excellent customer service. Keep up the great work!


Midland, Texas

Defense Articles

Our sights are classified as defense articles under the US Munitions List.

We only ship Battlehook sights overseas to our network of international dealers with approved export permits by US State Department.

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